Chapman & Co (Penarth) Ltd was set up to provide high quality management and financial accounting services to sole traders and SMEs, normally only enjoyed by larger organisations able to recruit in-house management accountants and finance managers.

We can help you to:


Integrity, Honesty, Respect

Provide high quality management accounting services to SMEs that can usually only be afforded by larger organisations with in-house management accountants

Deliberately keep the company small to provide a bespoke service and business partner to our clients

Offer the personal touch

Be the friendly face of finance: local accountants with your best interests at heart

Provide high quality management and financial accounting services to local companies

Maintain the local touch by ensuring that we know your business.

Peter Chapman


I’ve worked for over 20 years in management and finance within a diverse range of industries including FMCG, Electronics, Manufacturing, Project and Service industries.

I’ve often found that companies are unaware of what their product or service offering actually costs – that’s where a management accountant is invaluable.

As a Management Accountant, I value the oversight and insight that my qualification gives which enables me to help businesses thrive through high quality management information, forecasting and control.